Bahrain: LMRA launches flexible work permit

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The Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) launched the flexible work permit allowing illegal workers – who meet conditions – to work and reside in the Kingdom of Bahrain without a sponsor, in any non-professional job, full or part-time, and with more than one employer, for a renewable two year period. 2000 workers can benefit from the flexible permit each month.

LMRA CEO, Ausamah Alabsi stated that workers benefiting from the plan would be granted the plan’s Blue Card which identifies them to potential employers, and is renewed every six months free of charge, enabling them to work in various non-professional jobs either full or part-time jobs, with one or more employers, the flexible worker will also benefit from free health care at government centers, he will also be able to leave and return to the country on a regular basis during the work visa’s validity period. The flexible permit will also help protect labor rights and prevent them from any exploitation or trafficking attempts.

Alabsi urged illegal workers to ensure that the plan is applicable to them, and the possibility of them benefiting from the flexible permit by visiting the LMRA’s website, using the express service feature, or by sending a text message from their own mobiles to + 973 33150150, including the number of their Identity Card (CPR).


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