Bahrain: LMRA to deport and ban flexi-visa violators

Hana Al Saffar, Director of Communications at the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), highlighted that those found in violation of the Flexi Work Permit policy guidelines during inspections will not be permitted to regularise their situation through a flexi work permit, leaving them with no option but to be deported to their home country and be banned from re-entering the Kingdom in the future.

Al Saffar stressed the confirmation by the Cabinet on banning runaway workers from regularising their situation in normal conditions, whether through obtaining a flexi work permit or the transfer to a new employer.

The LMRA has carried out a series of measures, including intensifying inspections on two different levels:

Firstly, on foreign workers to ensure they are not involved in professional activities that they are not allowed to pursue without specific permissions, and secondly, on illegal workforce, in cooperation and coordination between the LMRA and the Ministry of Interior.


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