Bahrain: Man Accused Of Committing Eight Crimes In One Day

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The First High Criminal Court is hearing an unusual case in which a man is accused of committing eight different crimes in one day. The crimes include impersonation, theft, and forgery.

The court yesterday decided to adjourn the case to February 25, while the accused has been referred to a psychiatrist to verify his mental condition and determine if he was responsible for his actions.

The details of the case show that the defendant had stolen a student’s wallet from his car that was parked on the premises of a leading university in Salmabad.

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The man used the victim’s identity card and forged his signature to rent a car and purchase a mobile phone, iPhone 7, from one of the telecommunications providers in the Kingdom.

The defendant then sold the phone for BD300 to a local mobile phone shop and stole the salesman’s mobile phone on his way out, as the salesman apparently left it unattended on the counter.

Court files also showed that police investigations were launched after the salesman lodged a complaint against the defendant for stealing his phone. The salesman provided the police with CCTV footage clearly showing the theft and the defendant’s face.

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A manhunt was launched and the search led to the first victim who’s the owner of the identity card. The first victim informed the police that his wallet was stolen from his car and denied that he had purchased the device or rented the car.


Source: DT News

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