Bahrain: Man Accused Of Forging Medical Prescription

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A Bahraini man was accused of forging a medical prescription to obtain Morphine from a pharma shop and attempting to attack the pharma shop salesman

He was sentenced to one year in jail after being found guilty in the case. According to Public Prosecutors, the man went to Jidhafs Medical Centre on the pretext that he was suffering from a severe headache.

“He asked the doctor to prescribe Morphine. But the doctor denied as it was not required to treat a headache.

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“The accused himself wrote Morphine in the prescription chart and gave it to a pharma shop salesman.

“After being suspicious, the pharma shop salesman rang up the doctor to verify whether he had prescribed Morphine for the patient.”

The doctor denied and instantly police was alerted, the prosecutors added.

“In between, the accused also made an attempt to attack the pharma shop salesman. However, a team of police arrived at the scene on time and the man was rescued.”

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Source: DT News


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