Bahrain: Man Accused for Stealing BD13,000

The two are members of Al Wafa mainstream, a group designated as a terrorist organisation.
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A Bahraini man in his sixties has been acquitted of embezzling BD13,000 from a company due to lack of proof, revealed lawyer Mohammed Rabea to Tribune.

“My client, an Arab national aged 64, had been serving in the same company since March 12, 2017, on a salary of BD2,500.

“However, his contract was unfairly terminated on September 25, 2018. Therefore, he filed a labour complaint against the company, demanding a compensation of BD50,000 for unjustified dismissal as well as BD1500 for his leave credits and a salary certificate.

“My client got shocked to learn that the company countered his complaint by lodging a lawsuit accusing him of embezzling around BD13,000,” lawyer Rabea said.

“Obviously it was a malicious case filed against my client as a way to threaten him to take a step back from the case he filed for his compensation,” he added.

The High Criminal Court said in its ruling that the pieces of evidence provided by the Public Prosecution weren’t sufficient to hold the defendant guilty.


Source Credit: DT News


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