Bahrain: Man Arrested For Attempting To Kiss Female Colleagues

The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced four defendants to 6 months in jail.
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A Bahraini man will spend the next one year behind bars for attempting to kiss two
female colleagues after he was found guilty by the High Criminal Court.

The defendant was put on trial after he was accused of harassing two women in the first
30 days of joining the company. In her complaint, the first victim told police officers that
she was frightened after the accused called her to his cabin under the pretext of
performing an official task and attempted to misbehave with her.

“I got the job in the company through a friend of mine. And after one month of starting
my work, he called me to his cabin to complete some tasks on the computer. He locked
the door and tried to kiss me,” the victim said.

“After a few hours, he rang me to apologize. However, he continued to engage in a
flirtatious conversation. I disconnected the line and since then never answered his
phone calls.”

The second victim also allegedly had a similar experience with the accused. “It was only
ten days since I joined the job. He called me to his cabin and began misbehaving with
me. He said he wanted a chocolate and this was the phrase he used while making
sexual advances to female colleagues,” she told prosecutors.


Source Credit: DT News


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