Bahrain: Man Arrested For Burgling Several Shops In Budaiya

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A Bahraini man has been arrested for burgling several shops in Budaiya in the Northern Governorate, Interior Ministry confirmed yesterday.

In a statement published on the ministry’s official media website, the Director-General of the Northern Governorate Police Directorate revealed that the arrest came as a result of investigations launched by the police into the cases reported by the victims (shop owners).

The 18-year-old suspect was seen, along with a companion, in a security camera footage, that was widely shared online while attempting to burgle a shop in Budaiya.

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The footage was viewed by thousands two days after it was posted on several local accounts on social media networks. In the video, one of the masked suspects was seen attempting to forcibly open the shutter of a closed shop, while the other one covered for him and surveilled the road.

“Investigations led to the identification and arrest of the suspect. Legal steps are being taken to refer the case to the Public Prosecutor,” the official added in the statement, without revealing more details on the second suspect.

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Source: DT News

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