Bahrain: Man arrested for peddling drugs and storing pornographic content in phone

A young man from an Asian country will now spend 15 years of life behind bars in Bahrain for proving guilty of peddling heroin. The High Criminal Court also slapped him with a fine of BD10,000 for selling drugs and another BD100 fine for storing pornographic content on his phone.

A tip-off on the suspect’s activities led to police identifying and arresting the man. The information said that an Asian national was selling heroin inside the Kingdom. Police then assigned an undercover agent to confirm the authenticity of the information received and identify the suspect.

Court files say police officers in plain clothes got in touch with the suspect and offered to buy BD60 worth of banned drugs from him. The suspect agreed to the deal and to meet in Gudaibiya. Unsuspecting the trap set, the suspect walked into the agreed spot to complete the deal only to find himself surrounded by police officers who took him into custody.

At the time of the arrest, officers also retrieved from him BD400 in cash, which he confessed was proceeds from the sales of drugs. A blood test also proved traces of illegal drugs. Police also found that he had stored pornographic contents in his cell phone.



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