Bahrain: Man sentenced 3 years for stealing phone, wallet

Bahrain’s first criminal court sentenced a man, 20 years of age, to three years in jail for stealing a mobile phone and wallet from a grocery store worker in East Riffa.

The suspect, police said, was identified from footages captured by in-store security cameras. The surveillance video showed the suspect getting away in a car, whose registration number was spotted by officials.

Further investigation led to identifying the suspect and arrest.
The victim said she tried to catch the suspect, but the suspect managed to get away in a car.

Investigators found that the car belonged to a woman, who said was being used by her husband who was at the grocery store at the time of the incident.

While at the store, the woman’s husband said he found his brother, the accused, under the influence of an intoxicating substance, was fighting with another person. The man said he broke up the fight and rode him to his house.

The accused confessed to his crime during interrogation. The Public Prosecution charged the suspect with theft, using force against the victim to escape with stolen goods.


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