Bahrain: Man arrested for his ‘special hobby’ of scratching on cars

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A man who had made scratching car bonnets and doors his habit was sentenced to two months behind bars.

The Bahraini, in his fifties, first scratched a woman’s car and also wrote some insulting phrases in English on it, the court files say.

Though he initially escaped from getting caught as no-one noticed his “special hobby”, luck did not favour him when the 56-year-old tried the same thing with the woman’s brother’s vehicle.

A camera installed inside the vehicle caught the man committing the crime. He admitted to committing the crime when he was summoned by prosecutors, and offered to repair the cars.

However, he was put on trial. “I go to work early morning every day, but one day I saw my car had scratches and abusive words written on it. I reported the case to police and my brother fixed cameras,” the woman, whose car got damaged, told police officers.

“After nine days, the cameras recorded someone doing the same act on my brother’s car.” The defendant was tried before the Lower Criminal Court, and he was sentenced to two months behind bars. However, the court granted him bail for an amount of BD200.


Source Credit: DT News


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