Bahrain: Man Cheats Woman On Instagram For BD30,000

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The Lower Criminal Court has sentenced a 34-year-old Bahraini man to one year in jail for duping a woman for BD30,000.

According to court details, the man was arrested and put on trial at the Lower Criminal Court after his sister discovered that he has been cheating many women and launched a complaint with local police.

Public Prosecutors said that the man opened an Instagram account and started introducing himself as a prospective groom to many women.

“He would tell that he was a police officer in plain clothes to impress them. And taking advantage of his fake designation, he deceived rich ladies wanting to get married.

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“The defendant successfully convinced a woman that he would marry her and asked her money to buy a car.

“She gave him BD30,000 to buy a car. He later pretended that his mother was sick, asking for more cash under the pretext that she required treatment.”

“I started doubting his integrity as he was delaying marriage plan. Then I asked his sister who told me that he was already married.

“She told me that he was using the same tactic to cheat many other women. I filed a case against him with the help of his sister who expressed her readiness to testify against him,” the victim, who lost BD30,000, told prosecutors.

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However, he was offered BD100 bail, pending the ultimate outcome of his appeal.


Source: DT News

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