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Bahrain: Man Fined For Attacking Wife’s Mother

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A Bahraini man was charged for attacking his wife’s mother and a relative by the Lower Criminal Court.

The man pleaded not guilty in court stating that the mother-in-law and the relative were targeting him and attempting to destroy his marital life.

According to court details, the man became upset after his wife went to meet her relative without seeking his permission.

“He followed her to the relative’s house, manhandled and stripped her in front of the relatives. Subsequently, the wife filed a divorce as well as a police complaint against her husband.”

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Upon interrogation, the man told prosecutors that he loved his wife and they had no differences. “She gave me a kiss in the morning before I left home. How can she file for a divorce in the afternoon?”


He alleged that it was his mother-in-law who was fuelling his wife to get separated. His innocence plea was rejected by the court, which fined him BD50.


Source Credit: DT News



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