Bahrain: Man Gets One Year in Jail for Driving Licence Fraud

A man who was arrested with a fake driving licence will now serve a one-year sentence in jail here, on charges of counterfeiting. The arrest was made by the police based on information from local authorities, who discovered that the man had presented a fraudulent GCC driving licence to obtain a licence in the Kingdom.

The suspect’s appeal against a previous court order was rejected by the High Appeal Court, confirming his imprisonment. According to the case files, the suspect created a counterfeit GCC licence and used it to apply for a Bahraini licence. However, upon verification with Saudi authorities, officials found that the presented document was indeed fake.

Consequently, the case was handed over to the Public Prosecution, leading to the suspect’s arrest. During questioning, the man claimed to be unaware of the license’s falsity. However, he admitted to paying BD400 to an unidentified individual who facilitated the acquisition of the counterfeit GCC driving licence.


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