Bahrain: Man Jailed for Terrorist Activity

The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced four defendants to 6 months in jail.
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The High Appeals Court has sentenced a man to six months behind bars for distributing flyers calling owners for insurrection. The flyers were printed in various languages and featured the logo of the terrorist organisation, the February 14 Youth Coalition.

They were given to shops in Malkiya to force them to close on February 14, 2018, the same date vandalism erupted in 2011. The defendant admitted that the intention behind spreading the flyers was to incite students to not go to schools and shops to shut down on “the sixth anniversary of the unfortunate events”.

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He, however, denied having links with the terrorist group, stating that he was only distributing the flyers. Therefore, the defendant was sentenced to six months behind bars by the High Criminal Court and this was approved by the High Appeals Court too.


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