Bahrain: Man Who Spent Kids’ Education Fund Must Return BD10,600 to Ex-wife

A Bahraini man has been ordered by the Cassation Court to return to his ex-wife BD10,600, which she had deposited in their joint account for the educational expenses of their children, but allegedly used by the man for himself.

The ex-wife took the man to Court as she found out about the money after they got separated.

The ex-husband had claimed before the Court that he had used the money to pay for the kids’ educational expenses.

He, however, failed to produce any documents proving his claims when the Court asked for them.

The Court also found that the kids were taking classes from a public school.

The ex-wife claimed she had requested her ex to return the money she deposited in their joint account after they chose to end their wedlock on the 2nd of September 2020.

“However, the man failed to respond, forcing me to approach the Court seeking justice.”

The Court then assigned an expert to look into the case, who found that the money was in the account but was closed after the defendant withdrew all of it.

The ex-wife’s lawyer told the Court that the man was supposed to use the money for their kids’ education but failed to do so.

Hence, he should return it. Accepting the arguments, the Court ruled in favour and ordered to man to return the money.



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