Bahrain: Many Schools Agree to Slash Fees by 5pc-10pc

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Many private schools have agreed to reduce fees by 5 to 10%, according to a report by the Minister of Education.

The cabinet discussed a number of recommendations pertaining to ways to reduce the study fees required by private educational institutions in order to alleviate the burden on parents, amid the current exceptional circumstances and the challenges caused by COVID-19 outbreak.

It also tasked the Ministry of Education to continue urging private schools and universities to take into consideration the conditions of parents.

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A report by the Minister of Education showed that many private schools had agreed to reduce the fees by 5 to 10%, postpone the payment of the second term’s instalments to September for willing parents, re-schedule the required fees for some parents, as well as exempt them from some services the students hadn’t benefitted from, such as transport, food and extra-curricular activities. Those who had already paid for such services would be refunded or had them removed from next academic year’s fees.

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The cabinet also mandated the Ministerial Committee for Financial, Economic and Fiscal Balance Affairs to study the conditions of kindergartens and their women staff.



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