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Bahrain: Maternity Leaves To be Increased

A proposal to increase the number of maternity leaves to 70 days in the government sector was approved by a parliamentary committee yesterday.

The Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee of the parliament approved the proposal, which was put forward by a group of lawmakers.

The proposal aims to increase the number of maternity leave for women so that they would be able to take care of the newborn as well as their own health.

The MPs pointed out as to how Egypt is a successful example, where 90 days are granted in maternity leaves.

The parliamentarians claimed that the current 60 days period is less when compared to most of the countries, stating that it is time for both the public and private sector to raise it to 70 days.

Meanwhile, MPs are also seeking to grant two months paid leaves for women who suffer miscarriage, similar to leave granted to women who have normal deliveries.

A proposal has already been submitted last year that aims to amend certain articles in Law 36 of the year 2012 that regulates employment in the private sector.

The proposal seeks parity between women who have normal deliveries and those who suffer miscarriages. It also prohibits them from working in the first 40 days that follow the miscarriage. However, the BCCI rejected the proposal, considering it as “harmful to employers’ interests”.


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