Bahrain: Military Personnel Gets Five Years Rigorous Imprisonment

military personnel

The Bahrain court has convicted a military personnel for providing protection for illegal residents in the kingdom in turn for money.

According to court files, the defendants, a Bahraini and three expats, targeted illegal free visa workers in the kingdom on the pretext of not arresting them in turn for monetary benefits.

The gang assaulted the victim and forced him to sign blank documents demanding payment of BD2000 further reduced to BD1400. However, the victim informed the police after adhering to the gang’s demands.

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The police arrested the defendants on a secret mission with the help of the victim on the pretext of a meeting at a specific place in the region.

The Court sentenced the military personnel to five years of imprisonment, while the expats were sentenced to two years of imprisonment with a fine of BD200 each and to be deported from the kingdom upon release.