Bahrain: Ministry Enhances Traffic Safety During Holy Month Of Ramadan

traffic safety in ramadan
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The traffic directorate has set rules to enhance traffic safety during the holy month of Ramadan by intensifying traffic patrols mainly on major highways and intersections, near commercial avenues and shopping complexes in the kingdom.

The traffic directorate has urged drivers to adhere to traffic rules and regulations and to avoid behaviors that recur in the holy month of Ramadan, including wrong parking near mosques and obstruction of traffic.

The ministry stressed the significance of avoiding violations such as increasing speed and jumping red lights, especially before Iftar when people break their fast.

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Drivers were also warned against lack of concentration, not keeping to the right lane and changing lanes without signaling along with the strict prohibition of the use of mobile phones.

The police will also monitor traffic on King Fahad Causeway, the terrestrial link between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, mainly in the evening to ensure smooth circulation of vehicles and full adherence to the rules by all drivers, enhancing the traffic safety during Ramadan.


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