Bahrain: Ministry Officials Seizes 6000 Flawed Toys

flawed toys
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More than 6000 toys were confiscated by authorities from the Bahraini market for failing to meet safety standards. The toys which were ‘flawed’ were seized by a team of officials from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Ministry of Health.

Some of the seized flawed toys contained elements of choking hazard while others were found to have a negative psychological impact on children, said Mona Al Alawi, Director of the Department of Standards and Metrology at the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism.

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The authorities didn’t identify the manufacturer of the toys and added that the inspections have been intensified in recent years in the interest of public safety.

“In many instances, citizens had reported market violations and products were seized, “AL Alawai said adding that the department is taking proactive measures to reduce violations by conducting frequent market inspection campaigns.

The ministry of Industry, commerce and Tourism had in recent years also stepped up its market inspections by establishing an inspection center.

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