Bahrain: Mom Fined BD500 For Not Sending Child With Down Syndrome To Custodial Father

The Court of Cassation has upheld the lower court’s ruling, fining a woman BD500 for refusing to hand over her child to her ex-husband, who was granted custody by the court. The case involved a woman who was accused of refusing to comply with a court order granting custody of her child to her ex-husband.

The Public Prosecution charged the woman with a misdemeanor, alleging that she failed to hand over the child despite a final court judgment. The initial court had acquitted the woman, but the Public Prosecution appealed the decision. The Court of Appeals overturned the acquittal and imposed a fine of BD500 on the woman.

The woman then appealed the Court of Appeal’s decision to the Court of Cassation. In her defense, she argued that she did not refuse to hand over the child, but that the child himself refused to go with his father.

She claimed that the child has Down syndrome and requires special care that his father, a doctor, is unable to provide, and that his grandmother, who is also his caretaker, is too old to handle his needs. However, the Court of Cassation rejected the woman’s appeal and upheld the Court of Appeal’s decision.

The court found that the woman had violated the court order and imposed the fine as a consequence.


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