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Bahrain: More than 700 Building Violations Discovered

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According to ministry sources, beneficiaries of social housing units are making changes that are endangering the safety of housing units. An inspection team was able to find 774 serious violations that endangered the building and its inhabitants.

Many of the violations include wrong engineering practices, which led to cracks in walls, damage to the water system and electrical system.

The ministry explained that there were 67 violations in Salman City, 63 violations in the eastern city of Al Hidd, 19 violations in the Tubli Project, 79 violations in the Lawzi project, in addition to 124 violations in the Busaiteen project, 131 violations in the Northeast of Muharraq Project, and 155 violations in the Sitra project, 49 violations in the Nabih Saleh Project, 51 violations in the Al Malikiyah Project, and 36 violations in the Jidhafs Housing Project.

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The ministry urged citizens to take permission from the authorities before making any modifications to the building units.



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