Bahrain: More Than 9,000 Expat Workers Move to Alternative Housing

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Ausamah Al Absi, CEO of The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) said that LMRA has coordinated with business owners to provide additional housing for their expatriate workers to self-isolate in.

Currently, business owners have provided 59% of the total buildings being used for self-isolation, accommodating 7046 workers. Meals, medication and care continue to be provided, under the supervision of the LMRA.

42% of the buildings designated for self-isolation by expatriate workers are self-provided accommodation. These buildings are currently accommodating 2739 workers, with the Kingdom providing these individuals with food and medication.

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Authorities have provided 23,500 meals to expatriate workers over the past 5 days and since February, the LMRA has circulated 1,719,206 awareness brochures amongst expatriate workers.

Meals are regularly provided to workers living in self-provided shared accommodation, and the relevant authorities continue to regularly visit these residences to log necessary public health information.


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