Bahrain: More Than 9,000 Expat Workers Move to Alternative Housing

Ausamah Al Absi, CEO of The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) said that LMRA has coordinated with business owners to provide additional housing for their expatriate workers to self-isolate in.

Currently, business owners have provided 59% of the total buildings being used for self-isolation, accommodating 7046 workers. Meals, medication and care continue to be provided, under the supervision of the LMRA.

42% of the buildings designated for self-isolation by expatriate workers are self-provided accommodation. These buildings are currently accommodating 2739 workers, with the Kingdom providing these individuals with food and medication.

Authorities have provided 23,500 meals to expatriate workers over the past 5 days and since February, the LMRA has circulated 1,719,206 awareness brochures amongst expatriate workers.

Meals are regularly provided to workers living in self-provided shared accommodation, and the relevant authorities continue to regularly visit these residences to log necessary public health information.


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