Bahrain: MP calls for traffic signals to be updated to reduce accidents & violations

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The traffic signal systems in the Kingdom need to be updated by implementing new techniques that aims at reducing accidents and traffic violations at crossroads, MP Mohammed Al Maarifi has said.
The MP submitted an innovative proposal last week to this effect to adjust traffic signals so that it would “blink” several times before changing from green.
The MP, who also head the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives, said that traffic lights should be adjusted so it would flash five times while on the green colour before changing to yellow than red to notify drivers that they have to stop soon.

“This proposal is aimed at maintaining traffic safety and reducing accidents and violations near junctions,” Al Maarifi said.

His proposal comes few months after the government rejected a similar request from the parliament to install countdown timers at traffic signals for the same reasons and similarly to fellow GCC countries.

Meanwhile, Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry, which is in charge of road planning in the Kingdom, said the “timers are not efficient and create confusion near intersections”.

Source credit – DT News
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