Bahrain: MPs call to double vehicle fees for expats REJECTED

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Manama : The Council of Representatives has followed the Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee in rejecting a proposal submitted by two MPs demanding that vehicle registration fees for expats be doubled “as a return for using public roads in the Kingdom”.

Submitted by MPs Jalal Kadhim (pictured) and Ghazi Al Rahma, the proposal states that “expats vehicle owners should pay double the fees that are born by Bahraini citizens by amending some of the provisions of Law 23 of 2015 (Traffic Law)”.

The MPs originally demanded to double the fees of the issuance of driving learning licenses and driving licenses for non-Bahrainis, but later limited their proposal to the registration fees. However, the proposal exempts GCC nationals.

Both MPs said the proposal would “provide the necessary revenues for the sustainable development of public roads construction, development and maintenance”.

Source – DT

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