Bahrain: MPs to terminate Expats above 60 in government institutions

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A proposal to ban expats over the age of 60 from working in government institutions was submitted by a group of MPs.

The proposal comes less than a year after the council voted against a similar bill to do the same for foreign employees in the public sector aged above 50.

Submitted by MP Dr. Jameela Al Sammak and four fellow MPs, the proposal amends Article 11 of Law Decree 48 of 2014 promulgating the Civil Service Law by prohibiting expats above 60 from working in ministries, official authorities and public establishments.

The MPs said that the move would create more job opportunities for Bahraini citizens by terminating the employment contracts of foreigners who cross the age of 60 in these establishments by the force of the law.

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Dr. Al Sammak said, “It has been confirmed that foreigners have remained in these positions for long periods of time, without replacing them with Bahraini citizens. This is against the basics of the constitution and harms citizens who aspire to serve their homeland.”

Justifying the proposal, the lawmaker quoted Paragraph A of Article 16 in the kingdom’s constriction, which states, “Public jobs are a national service entrusted to their incumbents, and State employees shall have the public interest in mind when performing their jobs. Foreigners shall not be entrusted with public posts except in those cases specified by law.”

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However, Dr. Al Sammak said that “foreigners should be appointed to public service in case of the absence of qualified Bahraini cadres to fill these positions, for a limited period”.

A similar proposal to ban expats above the age of 50 from working in the public sector was debated for over a year in the parliament. The Council of Representatives rejected the proposal.


Source Credit: DT News


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