Bahrain MPs vote on sacking expats aged 50+

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Bahrain’s MPs will this week vote on a controversial bill that seeks to prohibit expats above the age of 50 from working in the Kingdom and terminate those who have already exceeded the age limit.

This is not the first time the bill is laid on the MPs’ table to be discussed, as it was passed once before in 2016.

However, the lawmakers will review a report issued by the Services Committee, which rejected it after discussing it with the related official authorities.

Aiming to maintain the age limit of non-Bahrainis working here to 50, the bill is believed to offer unemployed Bahrainis more job opportunities.

Labour Market Regulatory Authority has rejected the bill, informing committee members that it will adversely affect a large segment of employers, as there are professions that depend on the experience of the employees.

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry in addition to a couple of labour unions in the Kingdom have also rejected the bill as it contradicts with the International Labour Convention.

The committee’s report will be reviewed and voted on, in the presence of government officials, during the council’s weekly meeting on Tuesday.

The bill was initially submitted by MP Jalal Kadhim in February last year. Kadhim claimed back then that the proposal would help employing Bahrainis.

Source credit – DT News Network
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