Bahrain: Muharraq Club wins AFC Cup against Uzbekistan’s FC Nasaf

Contributor: Atharie Al Salem

On November 5th, 2021 the Muharraq Club went against Uzbekistan’s FC Nasaf to challenge them for the 17th Asian Football Confederation Cup with a sweeping result of 3-0, claiming a glorifying victory for the team since their last title claimed in 2008.

The goal scorers, namely Mahmood Al Mardi, Husain Jameel and Flavio Carioca celebrated with their team and coach Isa Sadoon Al Hamdani as the crowd roared and the thrill of their victory settled in.

Arad’s Shaikh Ali Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa stadium hosted a full audience of Bahraini fans, all dressed in red and white cheering on their home team with wolf mascot emblems raised to the air.

His Majesty the King and HRH Prince Salman congratulated the FC on their outstanding performance. Their win achieved them a position in the Asian Champions League qualifying that will take place next year, which will pose even more excitement from the local fans.


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