Bahrain: Muharraq Municipality Upholds Zoning Regulations In Car Wash Dispute

The Muharraq Municipality has addressed a recent controversy surrounding a proposed car wash in a residential area, reaffirming its commitment to upholding zoning regulations and prioritizing the quality of life for its citizens.

The dispute arose after a social media post highlighted a discrepancy in the approval process for car wash permits, sparking debate among members of the Muharraq Municipal Council.

The municipality clarified that Decision No. 93 of 2023 restricts car wash operations to designated commercial and industrial zones. The proposed car wash, however, was located in a residential neighborhood, raising concerns about potential noise, traffic congestion, and disruption to the community.

The municipality emphasized its commitment to balancing business interests. with the well-being of residents. While supportive of entrepreneurship, it cannot allow commercial activities that compromise the tranquility and character of residential areas.

The municipality explained that the influx of vehicles associated with a car wash could lead to overcrowding and unauthorized parking, negatively impacting residents daily lives. In light of these concerns, the municipality has decided not to grant any additional licenses for car wash businesses in the residential zone in question.

This decision aims to uphold zoning regulations and preserve the integrity of the community. The municipality acknowledged the business owner’s perspective but stated that its duty is to balance the interests of all stakeholders.

It’s worth noting that the background to this issue is that the Muharraq Municipal Council discussed the file of car washes in the Muharraq Governorate three days ago Council member representing the First Constituency, Mohamed Yusuf, stated that a person had applied for a permit for a car wash since July 2023, but the relevant authorities did not approve his request, while 6 other car washes were later approved. Yusuf called for an investigation into this matter, to find out the reason for rejecting some permits while approving others.

In turn, the Vice President of the Council, Saleh Buhazza, stated that the response from the relevant Minister indicated that the decision rests with the Executive Authority to decide on it, as it falls under the jurisdiction of the Director-General. Buhazza also called for an investigation letter on this matter, stating that all members have sworn to serve the citizens, and this oath must be implemented in reality.

For his part, the Chairman of the Muharraq Municipal Council, Abdulaziz Al Najar, stated that he is committed to the oath and applies it honestly in serving the citizens. Regarding the investigation letter, he explained that the committee should carry it out, and he is the one who approves it.

He clarified that he had previously sent a letter to the relevant Minister inquiring about the status of the application, referring to the classification of the record and its number, to which the response indicated that the car wash in question was not located on a commercial street.


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