Bahrain: NBB Committed to Supporting Women in the Workforce

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB), in-line with the Supreme Council for Women’s values, continues to strengthen its commitment to supporting women in the workforce by enhancing policies and procedures within the organisation. In addition, and with the guidance of the Central Bank of Bahrain regarding the flexibility offered to returning mothers to the workforce, the bank has recently introduced a new procedure that provides for flexible working arrangements for all NBB employees with special provisions for new mothers returning to the workplace including a dedicated nursing room.

In maintaining the importance of diversity and inclusion within the bank, NBB complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements and builds upon these to enhance the experiences and working lives of our employees. The bank’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been working on developing NBB’s policies to a meet the needs of a wider range of employees including those employees with special needs and working mothers.

The bank strives to ensure that working mothers are fully supported on the job, especially throughout their pregnancies and the early years of raising families. The latest enhancement implemented by NBB enables all employees, with special provisions for new mothers, to more flexible working arrangements. New mothers can choose from a range of flexible options including remote working, on either a full-time or a part-time basis for up to 6 months from the end of their maternity leave.   The Bank has also provided a dedicated nursing room for mothers, the room ensures privacy and facilities to support women making the choice to return to work whist still nursing. New mothers at NBB are able to create a balance between work and family commitments that suit their personal circumstances.  The Bank is committed to supporting women returning to their professional careers at the Bank and seeks to provide options that meet the widest range of needs of our employees.

NBB aims to promote equality and empowerment within the bank, positioning it as an employer of choice within the industry. It is committed to developing its people practices to meet the needs of all employees, especially women trying to balance professional working lives with family commitments


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