Bahrain: NBB enhances customer experience with new app features

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has recently upgraded its Digital Banking App to feature further enhancements that aim to simplify its customers’ digital banking experience, in line with the bank’s ongoing digital transformation journey and its promise to remain closer to its customers.

The new app will introduce a number of enhanced features designed to elevate the open banking journey, beginning with the recent launch of Apple Pay, whereby NBB has implemented card registration on the app, allowing for a facilitated process that meets their customer’s diverse needs and requirements.

Through the app, customers will also be able to instantly apply for and issue new credit cards by pledging an amount from their active saving, current, or fixed deposits accounts as a guarantee.

The app will also allow customers to obtain an instant virtual prepaid card that can be easily topped-up and enable them to securely set up and change their card PIN for all NBB-issued cards.

Account-holders will now be able to manage and update their personal account and other contact details, such as a customer’s phone number, by visiting the update profile section and simply uploading the relevant documents onto the app, without the need to visit or contact the bank. The bank has additionally introduced a new feature which works to update customer data (KYC), enabling the application to automatically recognise all expired customer data and provide customers with the option to update their data in a few easy and secure steps.


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