Bahrain: Nearly 1,000 drug cases reported since January 2022

Close to 1,000 drug cases were reported since the beginning of the current year, according to the Director General of Investigations within the Interior Ministry.

Seventy-three defendants were arrested as part of a probe into drug cases during the last three months alone (July, August, and September), and the market value of seized drugs is estimated to be thousands of Bahraini dinars.

The high number could be attributed to the latest strategies devised by the department to stop drug smuggling into the Kingdom as well as local sales and consumption of drugs. In 2021, 1,048 drug cases were reported and 1,229 arrests were made, say Interior Ministry statistics.

According to Brigadier General Abdulaziz Mayouf, new regulations have been put in place to combat drug use, and a national strategy to do so has also been launched. The ‘Recover’ program has been developed for those who want to stop abusing drugs and become productive members of society, he said.

As the 996 hotline was launched during the year, the current goal is to provide a secure and simple means to report cases of narcotics while preserving maximum secrecy and security. The department always works to improve the community and is crucial in spreading awareness through lectures that are directed at all groups.

In April, a total of 950kg of hashish was seized by teams, which operate as part of Combined Task Force (CTF) 150-one of three task forces under the Kingdom-based 34-nation Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). As per the reports, the CTF 150 seized more than $189m worth of illegal drugs during counter-narcotics operations at sea last year.


The Daily Tribune
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