Bahrain: New Adhari Project Stuck in Works

File image of the new Adhari Park
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“A proposal for a new recreational project is still in the consulting office and is awaiting the allocation of the required budget,” stated head of the Public Utilities and Services Committee at the Capital Municipality, Dr. Abdulwahid Al-Nak.

He added that the project, bearing the name “Sab Adhari”, was proposed by the Associate Agency for Municipal Shared Services in Municipal Affairs.

Dr. Al-Nakal indicated that the project’s location was in Adhari area on Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa Street near Adhari Park with an area of ​​8040 square meters.

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He added that the project contained many children’s games, various restaurants, and shops to sell vegetables and fruits for rental. He said that it would also include an area of ​​252.2 m that can accommodate 34 stores, in addition to 56 parking lots, a plant for various crops, and another area for handicrafts.


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