Bahrain: New Health Insurance Law Imposes New Fees

Newspaper headlines concerning health costs with a doctor's stethoscope.
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The Government of Bahrain has issued a new law (Bahrain Law No. 23 of 2018) that will make it compulsory for health insurance coverage to be provided to all citizens, residents and visitors to the country as of January 2019.

Proof of insurance is expected to be made mandatory for the renewal of employment permits as well as residence permits.

The mandatory health insurance will be funded through the payment of an insurance subscription that will cover the benefits, which are set out in a package relevant to each category of an insured person e.g. a Citizens’ Package for a Citizen; a Residents’ Package for a Resident; and a Visitors’ Package for a Visitor.

The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain will pay subscriptions for Bahraini citizens.

  • Employers will need to enrol foreign national employees for insurance.
  • Enrolment for visitors will be covered by the visitors themselves.
  • A list of approved health insurance providers is yet to be published.

Article 23 and Article 24 of the law establishes a ‘Unified Electronic Medical Record’ for each person enrolled onto the new insurance scheme and a ‘National Health Data Dictionary’.

Each Beneficiary shall have an electronic medical record containing all his health-related data, particularly the data related to his medical condition and data that may be used as a basis for claiming financial benefits for providing health benefits.


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