Bahrain: New regulations for Flexi Work Permit

New procedures called for intensifying inspection to ensure that permit holders are not engaging in activities other than permitted and take necessary legal action against violations.

The new regulations were approved based on feedback from the Shura and Representatives Councils and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Measures include barring Flexible Work Permit holders from registering industrial motor vehicles.

The cabinet said, those failing to comply are not allowed to apply for the Flexible Work Permit.

What is the Flexi Permit?

A permit allowing you to live freely in Bahrain and to work in any non-specialized occupation without a sponsor for a renewable period of one or two years.

What are the Flexi Permit types?

Flexi Permit – The holder can work in any non-specialised job and is not allowed to work in restaurants, salons or hotels.

Flexi Hospitality Permit – The holder can work in any non-specialised job and is allowed to work in restaurants, salons and hotels (requires a special medical test).

Who is eligible for Flexi Permit?

Expatriate employees with cancelled (terminated) work permits.

Expatriate employees with expired work permit*.

Expatriate employees who have not received their salaries and who have a case in the labour court.

How would I know if I am eligible for a Flexi Permit?

Visit the Labor Market Regulatory Authority website and use ‘Express Services’ to check. Contact the Call Centre at 17 103 103 or send a text message containing only your ID (CPR) number to 33 150 150.

What are the current Rules and Regulations of the Flexi Permit?

Monthly fees should be paid to avoid cancellation.

Carry your Blue Card at all times.

Do not violate the Laws and Regulations of Bahrain.

Do not work in restaurants, hotels, or salons unless you are a Hospitality Flexi Permit holder.

No dependents are allowed under a Flexi Permit holder.


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