Bahrain: NHRA launches investigation on death of two babies

Chief Executive of NHRA Dr. Meriam Adhbi Al Jalahma has stated that the authority launched last week a thorough and extensive investigation into the death of two female babies, suspected to be caused by medical errors at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).

The authority started by collecting information related to the babies’ mother, the date of her admission to hospital, her medical history and requested SMC to provide it with her medical file.

NHRA will carry out a thorough and extensive investigation to comprise all medical professionals who dealt with the case.

Dr. Al Jalahma revealed that after collecting information and meeting all relevant people, the authority will submit this week all findings and documents to a technical committee to determine the cause of the medical error. A final report will be presented to the Public Prosecution which tasked the authority to investigate the case.


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