Bahrain: No end to traffic chaos despite school time change

Despite best efforts to address the traffic woes that erupted following the reopening of schools in Bahrain, tailbacks are a common scene and commuters are reportedly having difficulties in moving from one point to the other across the nation.

School day timings and bus departures were rescheduled last week by the authorities as part of easing the traffic jams, which had become notorious. The move aimed at ensuring the interests of students, parents and commuters by implementing mechanisms to facilitate an easy flow of traffic across Bahrain’s road networks.

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior confirmed that efforts are being intensified to ensure the smooth flow of traffic across the country.

The Community Service Police in all four governorates and the General Traffic Department has increased their presence in the vicinity of schools and kindergartens to ensure safe passage for students and teachers.

Commuters said they continue to have difficulty across Bahrain due to heavy traffic near schools and highways. Traffic jams are mainly felt on Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway, Al Estiqlal Highway, Shaikh Salman Highway and Budaiya Highway, according to commuters.

Previously, the Ministry of Education hosted a workshop to prepare for the start of the new school year and to provide information on various aspects of traffic regulations near schools.


The Daily Tribune

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