Bahrain: No outdoor work during mid-day

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The summer outdoor work ban in Bahrain starts today. The ban imposed on outdoor work from noon to four pm will run until August 31.

Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel Humaidan has called on all companies and private sector institutions to comply with the decision and provide all means to protect workers from potential summer diseases. They were also requested to organise their working hours during the afternoon ban to ensure projects and business all over the country are not affected.

The ministry said it has finalised its preparations to oversee the implementation of the ban and that it had launched an awareness campaign through billboards and multi-lingual leaflets and through informing business owners and workers about summer diseases.

According to Article 192 of Law 36/2012 promulgating the Labour Law in the Private Sector, violators of the summer outdoor work ban will face legal action including up to three months in prison and/or fines between BD500 and BD1,000, for each worker found working outdoors by inspectors.


Source Credit: BNA


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