Bahrain: Nude Pictures – 2 Women & 1 Bahraini Man Arrested

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Two European women accused of practising prostitution in the Kingdom and sharing naked pictures of themselves online to promote their services here will stand before the judges tomorrow.

The inappropriate pictures raised nationwide anger on local social networks, with many netizens demanding deterrent punishment against the women. A few hours later on the same day, the Public Morals Protection Unit of the Interior Ministry confirmed the arrest of both women, as well as a Bahraini man also involved in the incident.

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Capital Governorate Chief Prosecutor Isa Al Ajman confirmed that the women had posted the pictures online to “persuade potential customers to practise prostitution”. The Chief said in his statement that the suspects are charged with publicly committing an immoral act, practising prostitution and promoting it, and sharing and possessing pornographic materials, adding that they have been remanded and will stand before the Minor Criminal Court on December 4, 2019.


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