Bahrain number one country in the ME in Telecom infrastructure – Minister

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At the official launch of BNET B.S.C, Bahrain’s National Broadband Network, Batelco’s Chairman stated that Bahrain is the number one country in the Middle East when it comes to Telecom infrastructure.

He explained that the project is a major leap for the services provided by telecommunications companies, where all customers will be able to benefit from high-speed internet services from all telecom providers.

“Everybody now is talking about the digital economy, and the whole world is talking about digital transformation, so the way that we live, the way we do our business has changed, so we have to prepare ourselves to coop with this digital transformation,” the minister added.

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He said that Bahrain has the necessary infrastructure, the digital intelligence infrastructure, to benefit and get the opportunity that will be a merge from the technology transformation.

“Bahrain has national broadband network which covers all the country, we are always among the first countries in the region and in the world to bring all new technologies, and this always improves the competitiveness of Bahrain and the quality of the infrastructure,” he said.


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