Bahrain: Oil Damaging Local Sewer Networks

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The Director of the Department of Operation and Maintenance of the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning stressed that the accumulation of oils in the sewage networks significantly affects the function of these networks.

The Director of Sewage Operation and Maintenance Department explained that the Ministry is aware of the need to intensify awareness and information efforts regarding the wrong actions committed by pouring oils into the drainage holes which leads to serious health and environmental problems because of its impact on the performance and operation of sewerage networks, and calls upon citizens to abide by the necessary instructions to maintain the functioning and sustainability of the network .

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He also stated that the problem of pouring oil into the sewerage network is that the oil shortly freezes in forming a mass of solid fats attached to many dirt which leads to the return of wastewater inside houses, resulting in environmental and health problems.

The Ministry calls on the public to report areas where there are blockages to the health inspectors through the communications center hotline number 80001810.


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