Bahrain: 25,000 Cases Handled at Expat Protection Centre and Shelter

LMRA Bahrain
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The Expat Protection Centre and Shelter of the LMRA has dealt with over 25,000 cases since its inception, according to officials. The LMRA has been vital in the regulation of the workforce. Its important role has helped thousands of expatriates over the years since its inception in 2006. 

In 2015, it launched the Expat Protection Centre and Shelter which was designed to help expats in need. Bahrain’s dedication to the preservation and protection of the rights of all who work and live in the country led to the establishment of the Expat Protection Centre.

In line with its 2030 Vision to stop the crime of trafficking, a cross-border crime, the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) has spearheaded the administration of the protective services offered to migrants in Bahrain based on the fact that all declared victims of trafficking have been migrant workers.

According to officials, a large number of the 25,000 cases were out of labour issues. Officials said that most cases involved workers from Asian nationalities. Most cases were also filed by Asian nationalities. This is understandable due to the large number of Asians living in the Kingdom who are part of the workforce.

However, cases involving African nationalities have proven tricky as some of the African countries do not have embassies in the Kingdom, the officials added. The Expat Protection Centre (EPC) was set up to identify, support, and follow up on the cases of victims of trafficking in the Kingdom.

It is a collaborative framework through which stakeholders fulfill their obligations to protect, recover, and promote the human rights of the trafficked -or vulnerable- person in a timely manner coordinating all the efforts in a strategic national partnership. The center provides complete services to victims or potential victims from the instance they approach it. 

It also offers medical services, mental health services (in co-operation with social researchers), legal counseling (providing legal advice to the resident, introducing him to his rights and methods of obtaining them, assisting him in reaching a settlement, or initiating legal proceedings in courts). In 2017, the NIHR opened an official branch at the “Expat Protection Centre and Shelter”.


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