Bahrain: Over 5.7 million visits to education portal

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More than 5.7 million visits are seen to the education portal (eduNet) since the suspension of studying in the third week of February until April 14th.

The Education Ministry has been able to respond quickly to 40,705 technical assistance requests by users through a special page at the portal.

Acting Director of Information Systems at the Ministry of Education, Nadia Al-Muraisi,  said that, in light of the increasing use of the educational portal for online education, the Ministry has developed the technical assistance service for users, including students, teachers and parents, to solve any problems that may face them to ensure their easy access to eduNet without any obstacles.

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Regarding the technical support for the students’ accounts on Microsoft 365, the Acting Director of Information Systems said that the Ministry of Education had cooperated with the Microsoft Company to design a special page,, that enables students, from the third intermediate to the third secondary, to receive their user names and passwords to enter the Microsoft Teams application.

Another webpage,, was devoted to responding to students’ inquiries about their accounts, she said.


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