Bahrain: Owners Arrested For Running Fake Clinic In Juffair

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The Lower Criminal Court sentenced an Arab and a European woman to be deported along with a fine of BD1,000 each for running an unauthorized plastic surgery clinic in Juffair.

According to court files, the police arrested the accused after receiving a tip-off.

“The Arab woman would frequently visit beauty salons to promote the European doctor, who was claimed to be the best plastic surgeon running a clinic in Juffair for reasonable charges.”

A woman undercover officer contacted the Arab woman and expressed her willingness to undergo a Botox surgery, prosecutors said.

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“As planned, the first defendant took the woman to the clinic, which was later discovered to be a residential apartment that had no signs indicating that it is an authorized medical facility.

“The woman was taken to the doctor and the police raided the place before the surgery began.”

Both defendants were arrested and around 1,000 Botox and filler injections were used in illegal operations, in addition to other medical equipment, were found in their possession.

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Source: DT News


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