Bahrain: Paedophile Jailed For Two Months

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The Lower Criminal Court has sentenced a Bahraini paedophile to two months for attempting to have sex with a minor. The defendant is said to have been attempting to befriend the boy, offering him BD5 to have dinner in an effort to lure him into having sex with him.

β€œHe did this to me twice. But in the last attempt, he gave me BD5,” the boy told prosecutors. The defendant was arrested after the father went to the police and filed a case against the suspect, according to prosecutors.

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The defendant was identified by the boy after the police lined up suspected criminals. β€œI was giving him money and constantly encountering him in a bid to have sex with him. I tried to lure him by giving him BD5,” the Bahraini suspect revealed during questioning.

The Lower Criminal Court said in its ruling that the defendant exposed a child to delinquency, as a result of which it was decided to jail him for two months in punishment for his offence.

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