Bahrain: Pakistani man offers lift, attacks woman in robbery bid

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A Thai woman’s attempt to save a few bucks on her ride back home by not taking a taxi only resulted in a face-off with death.
The court details say the woman accepted a lift offered by a Pakistani man, cancelling plans to take a taxi cab home. The man brutally attacked the woman after taking her to a different direction in his bid to rob her, it added.
“I was coming out of a building in Manama, and he (the Pakistani man) saw me talking to a taxi driver over phone. He enquired about my destination and offered a lift, which I accepted,” the woman told prosecutors.
“When I realised that he was taking me to a different destination, I started screaming. He stopped the car and tried to steal my bag. He snatched my phone and tried to kill me,” she added.
The Pakistani man allegedly slapped her several times in the face and tried to suffocate her. “I somehow managed to get out of the car and ran away,” she said.  The Pakistani man was arrested and is facing a trial before the High Criminal Court.
Source Credit: DT News


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