Bahrain: Partners ordered to pay BD40,000 to cafe owners due to non-payment of rent

The High Civil Court ordered two partners to pay more than BD40,000 to the owners of a cafe after they stopped paying the rent.

According to court files, the pair signed a deal with the cafe owners, agreeing to cover the rent for three months in advance, amounting to BD9,000.

The agreement required them to pay BD5,000 upon signing the memorandum of understanding. The remaining amount of BD4,000 was to be paid by the end of November 2020 upon signing the second contract, in addition to a security deposit cheque of BD10,000, which the owners of the coffee shop could encash if the pair failed to settle the recurrent bills.

“The two partners owe a total of BD41,000 to the owners of the coffee shop in addition to the arrears of other bills, including electricity, water, and rent for workers’ residence,” Khalil Ibrahim, the lawyer of the owners said, adding: “The plaintiffs had enabled the defendants to run the coffee shop in a sound legal manner as of October 26, 2020, until September 21, 2021, and they stopped paying the rents from November 2020 until September 21, 2021, which amounts to 41,000 dinars,” he added.

They also refrained from paying the workers’ housing rent and electricity bills for 11 months, which amounted to a combined total of BD3,080. They also refused to provide a residence for the workers, which forced the plaintiffs to incur an amount of BD360 to give them a proper place to stay. They also did not cover the salaries of the workers.



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