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Bahrain Pavilion Expo 2020 displays Sustainable Cities exhibition

With only a few weeks left for Expo 2020 Dubai, Bahrain’s National Pavilion at Expo, “Density Weaves Opportunity”, open till the end of March, continues its activities in promoting the civilizational, cultural and economic elements that make the Kingdom a promising center for investment and development opportunities.

The inauguration of the “Sustainable Cities” exhibition was held on the sidelines of the pavilion’s third general theme during this period, entitled “Narrating Histories”. It consists of two main parts: “Green – from material to structure” and “Seasonal Springs”

The “Narrating Histories” exhibition continues boasting the rich heritage history of Bahrain, as many of these traditions, legends and stories are kept alive by Bahrainis today. It also presents an exhibition entitled “The Dilmun Cabinet of Curiosities: Interwoven Stories”.


Bahrain News Agency

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