Bahrain PM warns against growth of terrorism industry

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The industry of terrorism has begun to take a dangerous course that can only be confronted with security vigilance, decisiveness and firmness, Bahrain’s Prime Minister has warned.

“We will not tolerate terrorism, which derives its funding and logistical support from some countries, to spread and threaten the security of our homeland and our citizens,” Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa has said.

“Our directives are clear to the security services to tighten procedures and bring terrorists to justice. There must be no complacency with anything that affects the security and stability of the homeland, and in this regard we salute the security agency personnel for their diligence to ensure stability, security and safety,” he said as he received officials and citizens who conveyed their wishes on Eid Al Fitr.

Prince Khalifa said that national unity was crucial in dealing with challenges and crises.

“We are a united and resilient nation in the face of challenges and difficulties and there is no room for anyone who attempts to drive wedges between our people. We are well capable of confronting conspirators,” he said. “Bahrain is rich with its heritage, civilization and families. Such features must be well documented in order to preserve them for the future generations.”


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