Bahrain: Policeman Gets Five Years For Selling Drugs

The High Criminal Court sentenced a policeman to five years in prison and a fine of BD3,000 for possession and selling narcotics.

The case came to light when the Anti-Narcotics Department received information about a Bahraini policeman possessing narcotics for the purpose of selling and abuse.

Authorities found the defendant at his residence with a Bahraini woman and a teenage girl abusing narcotics.

The two females stated that the defendant provided them with the drugs and forced them to use it.

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The woman, 22-year-old Bahraini, was sentenced to six months in prison and fined BD100 while the teenage girl, 19-year-old Gulf national, will face deportation.

Evidence from the scene, including tools for drug abuse and BD129, has been confiscated by authorities.

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